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David Brewer


The resume of David Brewer has always been impressive. It was impressive enough 50 years ago that the Indiana Jaycees named the Huntington lawyer one of five Best Outstanding Young Men in the state in 1968.

Brewer’s curriculum vitae has added many more pages in the time since, many including the word “Founder” or “Director.” Each new entry adds to his personal legacy, but more importantly, each one has made another impact on Huntington County. A recitation of his decorated law career, his history of service, and his contributions to his community quickly is overwhelming. 

So what is it the reason so many have sought out David Brewer since his arrival in Huntington as a young lawyer in 1963?

For sure, any board of directors that includes his name has instant credibility, but it goes well beyond that. 

Having David Brewer in the fold means an organization is serious about reaching its objective, wants a solid path to success, or needs clear vision for its future. 

It might be an established service club needing new leadership and new ideas, or a non-profit wading through murky legal waters. Maybe it’s a group of well-minded people with a basic idea of how to improve the community but lacking direction.

Brewer’s record of success meant there were plenty of knocks on his door from those looking for his service.

“Once you’ve done something and done a good job, there are going to be a lot of people who are going to offer you opportunities in their organizations,” he says. “It’s like playing baseball, if you’ve got a good average, you’re going to play a lot. If you don’t have a good average, then you’re going to sit on the bench.”

A native of Cleveland, David Brewer graduated from Indiana University in 1959. He taught grade school for one year in Gary, then returned to Bloomington to pursue a law degree, which he earned in 1963. Brewer came to Huntington and joined the firm of Bowers, Feightner & Palmer. Within two years, he was a partner in the newly-named Palmer, Bowers & Brewer.

He joined the Huntington Jaycees soon after arriving in Huntington, and the organization has always held a special place in his heart. He stayed with the group until reaching the mandatory retirement age. Two other efforts that had extra meaning to him were the WOWO Penny Pitch and the polio immunization drive, which he joined after losing a good friend to the disease.

In his legal career, Brewer served as Huntington County Deputy Prosecutor from 1963-66 and was counsel for the Huntington County Board of Aviation Commissioners and the Huntington County Welfare Department. He has held leadership positions in the Huntington County Bar Association, and has been admitted to practice before the U.S. Tax Court, the U.S. District Court, and the U.S. Supreme Court.

Within the community, he was director and chairman of the board for Bippus State Bank for 35 years. Among the founding committees or initial boards he has been on are Pathfinder Services, Huntington County Medical Memorial Foundation, Huntington County Chapter of Citizens for Decent Literature, the Dan Quayle Commemorative Foundation, and the Victory Noll Center.

He has served in leadership for the Salvation Army, United Way, and the Huntington Chamber of Commerce. He assisted in fundraising for the remodeling of Huntington Memorial Hospital and the restoration of the LaFontaine Center.

He has been a member of the Huntington Elks Lodge, the Masonic Lodge, Scottish Rite and Shrine Mizpah Temple. He was the first recipient of the Charles Burgess Award from Huntington Kiwanis, was awarded the Herbert LaMont Award from Pathfinder Services, and was the 1982 Chief of the Flint Springs Tribe.

As their three children grew, David and Susan Brewer became involved in their activities. David coached PAL football and Kim League basketball. Susan was involved in Cub Scouts, and their two boys each reached the level of Eagle Scout. 

And like their parents, the Brewer children all have chosen to make Huntington County their home. That has pleased David and Susan Brewer, who now get plenty of opportunities to take part in their latest volunteer effort — spoiling their grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

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