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First class of Huntington County Honors is inducted

The inaugural recognition ceremony for Huntington County Honors was held Oct. 22 in the Huntington County Courthouse. A total of 25 members of the Class of 2016 were honored by the group. Huntington County Honors was created to shine a light on those individuals and their works in an effort to educate, inspire and instill pride in the community. The organization recognizes both the well-known and those who are more obscure, but all of them have been significant in their contributions to the reputation of the county. Inductees and Designated Recipients Names followed by parenthesis shows designated recipient with inductee’s name in parenthesis FRONT ROW — Diane Miller (for Bob Straight), Cheryl Greene (for Bob Straight), Beth Armstrong (for Bob Straight), Kristine Ummel (for Ralph Johnson), Leslie Barna (for Ralph Johnson), Jorie Webster (for Ralph Johnson), Cynthia Smyth-Wartzok, Carol Shuttleworth-Gavin (for James Shuttleworth), Margie Hedrick (for Don Purviance), Melody Roush (for Edward Roush), Joel Roush (for Edward Roush). SECOND ROW — Mike Weaver (for Welcome Weaver), Steve Kimmel (for Dan Quayle), Mark Lincoln (for Mark Erehart), Steve Platt, Brad Hummer (for Glen Hummer), Jane Bell (for Glen Hummer), Nicole Johnson (for Arthur Sapp), John Schenkel (for Chris Schenkel). BACK ROW — Sue Strass (for Chief Richardville, for Chief LaFontaine), Alice Stickler (for Eiffel Plasterer), Jen Pyclik (for Lambdin Milligan), Marj Hiner, Fr. Ron Rieder, Joyce Noll Racine (for Archbishop John Noll), Tom Schenkel (for Alvin & Clara Schenkel Family), Kent Schenkel (for Alvin & Clara Schenkel Family), Jean Gernand, Bob Hammel, Gene Snowden, Sherman Goldenberg (for Jacob L. Brenn).


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