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Class of 2017 is inducted into Huntington County Honors

Huntington County Honors was created to shine a light on those individuals and their works in an effort to educate, inspire and instill pride in the community. The organization recognizes both the well-known and those who are more obscure, but all of them have been significant in their contributions to the reputation of the county.

Inductees recognized at the 2017 Huntington County Honors program and their representatives are (front, from left) Mildred Tullis, Ross Clark, Joan Keefer and Mel Ring, all inductees; Mark Wickersham, executive director of Huntington County Economic Development, representing J.W. Caswell and Winfred Runyan; and Jean Ringer, representing the Bippus family; (second row, from left) Margie Hedrick, Andy Purviance and Mary York, representing their mother, Emmaline “Emmy” Purviance Henn; Joyce Baker Hewitt, representing her father, Dr. E. DeWitt Baker; Susan Richey, representing her father, Dr. Robert M. Hafner; Linda Bryant, representing her great aunt, Helen Purviance; Dodie Neuhauser and Diana Parker, representing their father, Gerald “Jerry” Yeoman; and Jennifer Koch and Lisa Fusselman, representing their father, Ivan “Kaiser” Wilhelm; and (back row, from left) Annette Baker Shepherdson and Dr. Ron Baker, representing their father, Dr. E. DeWitt Baker; inductee Dr. Gary Dilley; Luke Scheer Jr., representing his father, Luke Scheer Sr.; Chris Atchison, representing his grandmother, Elizebeth Smith Friedman; and Huntington County Honors board member Amber Hudson, representing H. Allen Smith.

Huntington County Honors recognized its Class of 2017 in a ceremony Saturday, October 28, in the rotunda of the Huntington County Courthouse.


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