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Class of 2018 is inducted into Huntington County Honors

Huntington County Honors was created to shine a light on those individuals and their works in an effort to educate, inspire and instill pride in the community. The organization recognizes both the well-known and those who are more obscure, but all of them have been significant in their contributions to the reputation of the county.

Inductees recognized at the 2018 Huntington County Honors program and their representatives are (front, from left) Marge Hiner, representing her husband Homer Hiner; Jean Gernand, representing FS Bash; Barbara Souder, representing the Dewey and Julia Souder Family; CUrly and Bonnie Seibold, representing the Seibold Family; Susan Matteson, representing Dr. FSC Grayston; Mary Ann Mehre, representing Harry Mehre.; Back row, from left; Jennifer Koch and Lisa Fusselman, representing their mother, Thais Wilhelm; Alice and Pete Eshelman; David Souder, representing the Deey and Julia Souder Family; Lee Seibold, Paris Seibold, Bonita Price and Mark Seibold, representing the Seibold Family; Dr. John Regan, representing Dr. Otto King.

Huntington County Honors recognized its Class of 2018 in a ceremony Saturday, October 20, in the rotunda of the Huntington County Courthouse.

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