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Class of 2022 Honored

Huntington County Honors held its 2022 Recognition Ceremony and welcomed a new class of inductees Saturday, October 8, in the Huntington County Courthouse. Those honored were Nelson Bechstein, The Drabenstot Family with Nick Freienstein, Mike Frame, Herb LaMont, Lessel Long, Stan Matheny, Marilyn Morrison, Leo Scheer, John Wenning, Ez Williams, Rev. Milton Wright and Jenny Eckert Zorger.

Pictured are, front row — Marilyn Morrison, Stanley Matheny, Kay Stanton representing Nelson Bechstein, Diane Adams representing Herbert LaMont, and Patti Souers representing Lessel Long. Back row — John Wenning, Jenny Eckert Zorger, Randy Neuman representing Rev. Milton Wright, Mike Frame, Kathy Hollowell representing Ezra Williams, JeanAnne Drabenstot representing the Drabenstot Family, Penny Wiseman representing Ezra Williams, Tami Monroe representing Ezra Williams, Marilyn Sue Haupert representing Leo Scheer, Dave Scheer representing Leo Scheer, and Kevin Williams representing Ezra Williams.


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