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Huntington County Honors recognizes Class of 2021

Huntington County Honors recognized its 2021 class during a ceremony Saturday, October 23,

in the rotunda of the Huntington County Courthouse. The Class of 2021 included Blessed Solanus Casey, Kil-so-quah, Gene Hartley, E.J. Tackett, Lisa Winter Finn, Orville and Ruth Merillat, Dr. Douglas Ware, Clare H.W. Bangs, John Crago, Francis “Bill” Fink, Dale Francis, and Denny Jiosa.

Pictured are honorees or representatives:

Front row — Rita DeKlyen (daughter of Dale Francis), Jan Scher (representing Blessed Solanus Casey), Ann Eckert (daughter of Bill Fink), Carolyn Johns (widow of Gene Hartley), Keith Hartley (son of Gene Hartley), Kathy Shockley, Kay Bradley and Mary Ann Thompson (daughters of John Crago).

Back row — Dr. Douglas Ware, E.J. Tackett, Tom Fink (son of Bill Fink), Lisa Winter Finn, Dr. Sherilyn Emberton (representing Orville and Ruth Merillat), Huntington Maypr Richard Strick (representing Clare H.W. Bangs), Denny Jiosa, and Theresa Young (representing Kil-so-quah)


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