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Huntington County Honors recognizes and celebrates those, past and present, whose achievements have enhanced life in Huntington County, our Nation, and our World.

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By presenting significant and powerful role models, Huntington County Honors will educate, inspire and instill pride in our community.


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October 27, 2019

Huntington County Honors was created to shine a light on those individuals and their works in an effort to educate, inspire and instill pride in the community. The organization recognizes both the well-known and those who are more obscure, but all of them have been significant in their contributions to the reputation of the county.

Inductees recognized at the 2019 Huntington County Honors program and their representatives...

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Meet the Honorees

Huntington County Honors has recognized individuals from before the county's founding to the present day. Their achievements have not only contribute to the fabric of life in Huntington County, but have made an impact beyond the county borders.  See the full list of honorees and read more of their fascinating life stories.

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